Mythic PLUS

Cost: €15-70

Mythic PLUS dungeons do vary per key you get. The +3 in front of the number means you will get that level of key 3 chested for you. The gear that drops from mythic PLUS varies on the key level. You do get a bonus chest at the end of the week as well.

Level 15 Keystone

Cost: €50

A level 15 boost is the current highest possible level of keystone to do. It grants you an artifact appearance and achievement. We do complete the carry in time for the achievement unlocking an Artifact Skin for you.

8/10 Regular Mythics

Cost: €80

Get a full run through 8 regular mythic dungeons not including Court of the Stars or Arcway. Mythic dungeons give 885 ilvl loot and the average amount of pieces is 8-12 per package.

10/10 Regular Mythic Dungeons

Cost: €110

Get ALL of the initial 10 released dungeons in Legion. They drop 885 ilvl loot with Court of the Stars and The Arcway included! Please be attuned to these dungeons before purchasing!

Glory of the Legion Hero

Cost: €100

Glory of the Legion Hero is a product that gives you the coveted Leyfeather Hippogryph mount. We do all of the dungeon achievements required to get the main achievement for the mount and it is self played!

Single Dungeons

Cost: €10/ Dungeon

Get any single dungeon in the game aside from Karazhan. They drop 840 ilvl loot & you can order one dungeon or multiple ones!