Cathedral of Eternal Night

Cost: $20

Get ran through the Cathedral of the Eternal Night. This brand new dungeon came with patch 7.2, join Illidan and Maeiv in defeating the Demon Mephistos granting you 885 ilvl loot.

Seat of the Triumvirate

Cost: $20

Travel to the Seat of the Triumvirate to defeat the fallen Naaru L'ura. The dungeon drops 885 ilvl loot and is started within 30 minutes of purchase!

Mythic PLUS

Cost: $15-50

Mythic plus dungeon loot varied on the key you get, the higher the level of a key the better loot. You get all the loot from the dungeon chests and very high level loot at the end of the week in your weekly class order hall chest!

Level 15 Keystone

Cost: $60

A level 15 boost is the current highest possible level of keystone to do. It grants you an artifact appearance and achievement. We do complete the carry in time for the achievement unlocking an Artifact Skin for you.

8/10 Regular Mythics

Cost: $80

Get a full run through 8 regular mythic dungeons not including Court of the Stars or Arcway. Mythic dungeons give 885 ilvl loot and the average amount of pieces is 8-12 per package.

10/10 Regular Mythic Dungeons

Cost: $110

Get ALL of the initial 10 released dungeons in Legion. They drop 885 ilvl loot with Court of the Stars and The Arcway included! Please be attuned to these dungeons before purchasing!

Single Dungeons

Cost: $10/ Dungeon

Get any single dungeon in the game aside from Karazhan and Cathedral of Eternal Night. They drop 840 ilvl loot & you can order one dungeon or multiple ones!

Glory of the Legion Hero

Cost: $150

Glory of the Legion Hero is a product that gives you the coveted Leyfeather Hippogryph mount. We do all of the dungeon achievements required to get the main achievement for the mount and it is self played!

Nethershard Farming

Cost: Starting at $2

We'll farm Nethershards for you on the Broken Shore so you don't have to. Nethershards can be used to buy gear, toys and materials to upgrade your legendary! This is a PILOTED product and completion time varies on the amount of Nethershards you get.

Mage Tower Challenge

Cost: $50

This is the Mage Tower Challenge which grants you an exclusive artifact skin. This is a PILOTED product that has some requirements. The completion time is about 1 hour. Click additional details for the requirements!