100 Legendaries

Cost: $30

We will run you through normal rift and greater rifts until you get 100 legendary items. That's right 100 of them! It can be self played or piloted, completion time does vary on how much you can play! We'll count the items along the way.

Hoadric Cache Farm

Cost: $15

We will run you through EVERY single one of your heroic acts and do every single bounty on any level you want. This means acts 1 through 5.. all of them! It is Self Played with piloted being available.

Blood Shards

Cost: $5-16

We can trade you any amount of Blood Shards that you need in order for you to start crafting those items you've wanted. Delivery time is within 24 hours!

Forgotten Soul

Cost: $15-150

We will trade you 100 forgotten souls for every 10 dollars. Forgotten Souls come from Legendary items and are used for crafting every single high end material in the game. Delivery within 24 hours!

Veiled Crystal

Cost: $7-56

We will trade you Veiled Crystals by the Hundreds. They are used for crafting mid to high end material and we can delivery them within 24 hours of purchase!