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  • Rank Boost: Rank 25 to Rank 17

Info: For the legend boost you must have decent card collection (atleast one meta deck) which we can hit legend with. Default format is standard.

Number of wings

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  • Heroic Adventures: 1 wing

Info: We can defeat all of the heroic (also normal if you want) bosses in the adventure mode - Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, League of Explorers and One Night in Karazhan. You will be awarded by the great card backs!

Please note that defeating certain bosses on heroic mode may be challenging. For that reason you need to have decent card collection so we can make the deck that is good versus the boss.

Number of wins

Your Order:

  • Golden Heroes: 50 wins

Info: Please note that you need to have atleast one good deck for the class you want to get boosted.

The time needed for completing golden hero boost depends on how many wins you need – getting about 500 wins requires more time. However our boosters will play as much as possible to make sure your order is finished quickly.


Number of Hours

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  • Coaching: 1 Hour
  • Price: $25

Every account is VPN protected by our dedicated application.
We would never put your account at risk when doing piloted products.

You will be coached by top 100 players.

Desired arena key

Your Order:

  • Arena: 7 wins

Info: Please note that you need to have atleast 450 gold or 3 arena access so we can keep playing even if the first attempt is not successful.

All packs gained during the boost are left for you to open them along with extra dust you get!

How it works

  1. Choose your current rank and desired rank or wins amount.
  2. Click “Buy Now” - you will be redirected to our payment gateway to complete the payment.
  3. After purchase we have an account automatically made for you and you can view the order on your order page! A booster will see the order pick it up and arrive at your order page. The order page is a specific part of our exclusive members area where you can view your order progress and talk to your booster there one on one.
  4. That's it!

What we guarantee

  1. Privacy
    Your account's security is our number one priority here at Elitist Gaming. Every single one of our boosters is hand picked to ensure that only the quality of the boost is the best, but also to ensure that your account is in safe hands if you get account shared services. We protect every boost with a custom VPN that matches your location to make all of our account shared boosting untracable as well. If you do any of ur self played services we always use our smurf accounts to play with you to make sure that all the games seem natural. Last but not least, we of course would never tell anyone about the boost, you can place all your bets that you are in safe hands here.

  2. A fast and efficient boost
    Every time you buy a boost here you can rest easy knowing we are doing our best to get to your order immediately. With over 50 + boosters on our roster someone always picks up and gets to your order immediately after purchase. If you ever have any delays with an order you can always get your booster removed from the order and assigned a new one right away.

  3. A one of a kind experience
    Our entire process is set up so that you can have the most seamless purchase and experience possible. From the purchase page where you have all the information to the order page where you can talk to your booster one on one and view your order being done in real time. All of the self played carries are done with the best players in the world so you can expect to win pretty much everything. Everything here is tailored to have the best boosting experience possible and that's what we guarantee you.

  4. Our personal guarantee
    We guarantee that you will have the best boosting experience ever. We hold all of our boosters to the highest standards, they undergo a rigorous application process before they can get into our roster. If you do not have the best experience that you could possibly have with a booster we will compensate you with another free boost.